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Ready to up-level your kidney health journey?

You desere to live your best life with CKD and no longer stress about food!

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Walk into the grocery store & know exactly what to buy for your CKD

Navigate the store without any stress

Grab your fave kidney friendly items without confusion 

Pick out foods you love because you know they fit into your kidney friendly diet 

The Grocery Guide will help you:

A 100+ page guide aimed at teaching you how to grocery shop with CKD so you know exactly what kidney-friendly foods and beverages to buy at the store! 

The Ultimate Grocery Guide for CKD

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Protect your kidneys 

Help improve your labs 

Reduce the stress you feel around your diagnosis 

Enjoy 15 mouth-watering recipes created for anyone with Chronic Kidney Disease stages 1-5.

Inside this recipe booklet, you’ll find delicious meals that are plant-based, low in sodium, and high in fiber to:

Easy Kidney Friendly Recipe Booklet

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that specializes in chronic kidney disease.

I am dedicated to giving those in the kidney community the best support possible!

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