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Tons of kidney friendly recipes to make eating for your CKD so easy.

Monthly training videos on a specific topic related to CKD (like protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, going out to eat, grocery shopping, etc) to teach you how to eat for your CKD.

Support, inspiration, and encouragement from other CKD warriors.

Ask questions about eating for your CKD & get answers from me, a kidney dietitian! 

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This free community was created to help you learn how to eat for your CKD in an easy and healthy way. Because eating for your CKD disease shouldn’t leave you feeling so stressed, overwhelmed, and confused 24/7. 

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You desere to live your best life with CKD and no longer stress about food!

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Because you deserve to live your BEST LIFE with CKD!

My go-to guide for building a kidney friendly plate with CKD so that you feel so much less stressed with eating!

3 Kidney friendly breakfast recipes to make eating with CKD so easy

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Because Google'ing what to eat for breakfast with CKD can be so confusing! 

Free Breakfast Guide for CKD

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