Eat for CKD with Confidence

This 60-minute workshop will help you meal plan at home and on the go so that you’re able to improve your kidney health while seeing the results in your lab work!

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CKD Nutrition 101: understanding carbs, fat, protein, & veggies for CKD

How to build a balanced, kidney-friendly plate at every meal at home & on-the-go

How to meal plan to improve your kidney health

Workshop Agenda 

The workshop will be broken down into two parts:

Part 1 (45-50 minutes): Meal Planning at Home & On-The-Go 

A pre-recorded Q&A session to answer commonly asked questions about meal planning with CKD

Part 2 (10-15 minutes): Q&A

Lifetime access to the workshop recording

2 CKD Meal Planning Guides for at home & on the go

A Sample CKD Meal Plan + Grocery Shopping List

Bonuses You’ll Walk
Away With 

If you want to learn how to meal plan at home and on the go so that you’re in control of your kidney health, join this 60-minute workshop!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

No, this is a pre-recorded workshop that was previously held live. 

You already know everything I’m going to share; however, it could be a great refresher if it’s been a while since we’ve worked together.

Any stage would benefit from this workshop. 

While I can’t promise that it will, I can tell you that hundreds of my clients have seen improvements in their lab work as a result of learning what I’ll teach in this workshop. To get full guidance and support on your CKD journey, you can also apply to join my Eat for CKD course or one of my coaching programs.

You can always send me a DM @CKD.Nutrition.Coach or email me at

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