Hi there! My name is kellsey,

I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that specializes in chronic kidney disease.

about me

If you're like most of my clients, you probably didn’t get much information or support from your doctor when you were first diagnosed. One thing that you likely need the most when you have CKD is SUPPORT! Without support, you might not know the proper steps to take to improve your kidney health and manage your CKD for life. 

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I used to work as a dialysis dietitian. My dialysis patients would tell me that they got ZERO SUPPORT from their healthcare team when they were first diagnosed with CKD. I was shocked. My mind was BLOWN.

How are you supposed to live an amazing life with a chronic illness without the proper support? 

You deserve to do all of the things you love…travel, go out to eat at your favorite restaurants, have date night with your partner, celebrate holidays and birthdays with your family, without stress, anxiety, confusion, or guilt. 

I truly don't believe in just giving you a one-page handout that says “eat this” and “don't eat that”. I don't believe in telling you to stop going out to eat! I don't believe in having you cut out all the foods you love in order to manage your CKD. 

I believe in giving you all of the tools, resources, and support that you need to eat for your CKD with 100% confidence. I believe in helping you learn how to travel, go out to eat at your favorite restaurants, have a date night with your spouse, celebrate holidays and birthdays with your family without stress, anxiety, or confusion.

Are you someone who Lives with CKD?

I am dedicated to giving those in the kidney community the best support possible!

Yes, all this is possible for you!

why i love what i do

my why

There is so much that you can do to help protect your kidneys and help prevent further progression of your CKD. That is why I’ve created my private practice. So that you can learn exactly how to live an amazing, full life with chronic kidney disease! You deserve to do all of the things you love to do in life - go out to eat, travel, celebrate holidays with loved ones!

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fun facts about me

Let's Get Personal

I love to travel & try to go somewhere new every chance I get! My latest travels have been to California, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. 

I am always listening to a podcast… Crime Junkie is my absolute favorite! 

Finding new hiking or walking trails is a passion of mine. I love being in nature & seeing new flowers, plants, and trees.  

I am always scoping out the grocery store for new kidney friendly foods/beverages…my clients can attest to this! If there is a kidney friendly item in the store, I will find it for you! 





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Are you ready to finally feel less stressed with going out to eat with CKD?! Grab this free dining out guide to get you started on your kidney health journey!

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