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Eat for your CKD with Confidence®!

Chronic Kidney Disease NUTRITION

I help people with CKD learn to eat the foods that they love so that they can live an amazing life with CKD!

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that specializes in chronic kidney disease. I am dedicated to giving those in the kidney community the best support possible!

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You probably got zero support for what to eat when you were first diagnosed with CKD.

You may have gotten a one-page handout that said "eat this" and "don't eat that".

You think to yourself…what the heck?! Now I have to cut out all these foods just because I have kidney disease? What am I supposed to eat now!

Who can relate to the following...

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My Method - The 3 C's


This first step is SO important because it really sets the foundation for your kidney health journey. We go over your labs, medical history, medications, supplements, blood pressure, blood sugars, and what you’re eating on a regular basis. Your labs help us learn what your nutrient needs are & tell us what changes we can make to your eating habits to make them even more kidney friendly!


In the confidence step, we focus on making everyday activities like cooking, meal planning/meal prepping, grocery shopping, and reading labels so much easier & less stressful for you. I teach you how to feel confident with making kidney-friendly meals/snacks on a daily basis!


This is the final step in learning how to eat for your CKD for LIFE. In the conquer step, we go over everything you are going to need to know how to do in the future in order to live an amazing life with kidney disease. Celebrating holidays, eating at restaurants/ordering takeout, traveling, and going to parties don’t have to be so stressful and confusing anymore!

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