Head into each restaurant feeling confident you can choose meal items that 
will be good for your kidneys and your taste buds! 

The Restaurant Guide for CKD

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Kidney-friendly meal customizations to ask for at your favorite restaurants 

Lower sodium dressings and seasonings to request 

Top 5 kidney-friendly meal options at most Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Sushi, Chinese, and American Diner style restaurants 

Top 5 kidney-friendly meal options at many popular U.S.-based restaurants such as Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday, Chilis, Olive Garden, The Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, and more! 

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Restaurant Guide:

Please note this is a guide and not an all-inclusive list. 

As always, if you have any concerns be sure to check with your healthcare team. 

If you’re like most CKD warriors your doctor told you to “eat less salt and drink more water” when you were diagnosed. 

That likely left you feeling really worried that your diagnosis couldn’t be improved and or worse, that there wasn’t much you could do to protect your kidneys from further harm. 

I create all of my CKD resources to put you in control of your kidney health - with the right nutrition changes, you can not only protect your kidneys, but you can even improve your kidney labs! 

Grab a copy of the Restaurant Guide for CKD and see the delicious world of kidney-safe, delicious meal options open to you! 

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You don’t want to feel stressed out about the damage you might be doing to your kidneys each time you eat out 

You’re ready to make small modifications to what you order at restaurants to protect your kidneys

You want to make smart choices at restaurants so you can start seeing your kidney labs improve 

This Restaurant Guide is for you if:

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If you’re excited to plan your next meal out, grab your copy of the Restaurant Guide for CKD! 

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