Low Sodium Salad Dressing: Kidney-Friendly Recipe

  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much for these salad dressing recipes and commercial recommendations! It can be so frustrating to make a nice healthy salad only to face a conundrum of whether to ruin it with unhealthy high sodium dressing. You’ve given us so many good choices and variety! Thank you!

    • Kellsey Reed says:

      You’re so welcome Sharon! It can be so tough to find kidney friendly salad dressing options in the store.

  2. Katie Ahlers says:

    Thank you for posting low sodium salad dressing options. I’m more of a creamy salad dressing gal, like blue cheese and a variety of ranch’s.

    • Kellsey Reed says:

      You’re welcome!! I like to suggest making ranch and blue cheese at home so you can control what’s in it! There are tons of great recipes online too. I really like spend with pennies salad dressing recipes!

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