3 Lower Sodium BBQ Sauces: Kidney-Friendly

  1. Ed Barton says:

    You have supplied the names of three BBQ sauces that are Kidney friendly. Although I am happy to see that, I have been told that as part of my kidney diet that I should avoid tomatoes in all forms. I assume that each of these sauces are tomato based, correct? It has been difficult to find sauces that are not but are still good for BBQ.

    • Kellsey Reed says:

      Hi Ed! Great question. Unfortunately, it is common to hear that you have to avoid all tomato products when you have CKD. It’s likely because tomatoes have potassium in them. However avoiding all tomato products because of their potassium content isn’t necessary. All fruits, veggies, grains, meat, fish, etc have some potassium in them. Many people with CKD don’t need to limit potassium in their diet but some do. Even if you do, having smaller portion sizes of higher potassium foods. Overall, if you have CKD, your diet should be individualized to fit your needs and bloodwork. If you are avoiding tomato products because you simply don’t like them – I would look for mustard based BBQ sauces. There are some nice ones out there! I hope this helps.

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