Join the Eat for CKD with Confidence membership and get instant access to CKD-friendly recipes, meal plans, guides, access to ask a dietitian all of your questions to create a pesonalized nutrition plan and so much more!

Ready to Feel in Control of Your Kidney Health?

"everything is so easy to nagivate through, and I love how handy the recipe tab is!"

I want to reassure you that there is SO much more you can do to protect your kidneys and even improve your kidney health. That’s why I am creating the brand new Eat for CKD with Confidence membership. 

Getting diagnosed with CKD feels overwhelming; you were likely given a handout telling you to drink more water and eat less sodium.

I bet you sat there holding the handout thinking, “that’s it?” and maybe starting to feel panic creep in. 

CKD Nutrition Roadmap and Workbook: The roadmap will help you get started using the resources inside the membership and then help you stay on track with your kidney health.

A Searchable Library: You’ve got questions about how to protect your kidneys, and you’ll find the answers in our easy-to-navigate library. Search for topics like fast food options for CKD or low sodium snacks for CKD and more! 

Tons of CKD-Friendly Recipes: Say goodbye to mealtime boredom with loads of kidney-friendly recipes that taste great and will protect your kidneys. New recipes will be added each month so you will never get bored of your meals and snacks! 

Ask a CKD Dietitian: Need advice or have questions about what to eat for your CKD? Ask all of your CKD nutrition questions to a Registered Dietitian for more personalized support so that you can get expert advice to manage your CKD!

Community Forum: You're not alone. Join others just like you, share tips, and cheer each other on as you all work toward making positive changes to protect your kidneys.

CKD Nutrition Masterclasses & Guides: Every month, I’ll dive into a new topic to help you keep your kidneys happy. For example, you'll be able to watch videos and read about meal planning with CKD, lowering blood pressure with CKD, and more.  

New Meal Plans Every Month: Each month I'll share a new 5-day meal plan for you to try (there will be a low-potassium and a moderate-high potassium meal plan option to fit your individual needs)!

Here is What's Included in the Membership:

See What CKD Warriors Are Saying After Joining the Membership

"Being able to get answers to questions that your doctor doesn't have time to discuss or doesn't know is a big benefit."

"I tried the library, recipe and meal plans as it is very easy to navigate. I also tried search and it conveniently gave me low sodium snacks that I always seem to be searching for!"

"It's easy to find information and I LOVE the recipe area!" 

"The library has a lot of good resources no regardless of where one is with CKD."

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