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3 Secrets to Following a Low Protein Diet

Getting diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease was probably really overwhelming, and I bet the only advice your doctor gave you was to drink more water, eat less salt, and stay away from red meat. 

(Even if You Love Meat)

I know you want to protect your kidneys but eating a low protein diet can be really hard to maintain.

Learn 3 secrets for following a low protein diet with ease

Choose foods that make both your kidneys and your tastebuds happy 

Determine how often you should eat meat per day 

That’s why I created this webinar where I can help you:

So many of my clients tell me they feel guilty (and scared) because they are eating too much meat.

If you want to reduce the stress and guilt you feel when you sit down for a meal, register for the free webinar today! 

I’ve helped hundreds of people diagnosed with CKD learn how to follow a low protein diet while still enjoying foods they love! 

Following a Low Protein Diet to Protect Your Kidneys Can Be Easy

“I’ve cried and laughed with Kellsey. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and CKD. I’m eating foods I’ve written off as bad or harmful. Foods I love! My labs improved. My weight is down. I’m feeling great!” 

“I went to a BBQ over the weekend and didn’t feel stressed! I felt confident that I could pick out foods that were good for my kidneys!”

“I felt so defeated when I was first diagnosed. Now I feel totally in control of my CKD and like I finally have options for what to eat!” 

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